Our famous and much-loved sandwiches are made on our own herbed, salted focaccia bread, and feature our own home-made olive oil mayonnaise rémoulade.
Sandwiched are usually ready by 9 AM.

Egg McDarshan

Slices of organic eggs from pasture-raised hens, hard boiled to perfection, matched with Gruyère cheese, organic spinach, sliced tomatoes, and our house-made rémoulade mayo. Delicious for lunch or breakfast.

Avocado and Cheese

Slices of eggplant, summer squash and red onion, all grilled to perfectionFresh, ripe avocado with Manchego cheese, organic baby spinach, sliced tomatoes, rémoulade mayonnaise.

Tuna with Artichoke

Solid Albacore tuna folded with our home-made olive oil mayonnaise rémoulade combined with Manchego cheese and organic baby spinach.


As with all our offerings, our quiche and savory baked goods are all made with the highest quality pasture-raised, organic eggs and organic milk and cream from grazing, grass-fed cows.

Mushroom and Leek

Crimini mushrooms and leeks, slowly sautéed over a low flame and seasoned with herbs.

Artichoke Hearts with Goat Cheese

Marinated artichoke hearts and goat cheese seasoned with a touch of porcini.

Roasted Poblano with Feta Cheese

Poblano chilies, roasted over the flame, skinned and sliced are matched with a superb sheep’s milk feta cheese from Bulgaria and seasoned with herbs.


In addition to our renowned sweet pastries and desserts, Darshan also offers a mouth-watering selection of savory snacks. Have them as the main element of a light lunch or as a snack at any time of the day or night.

Flackey Spinach Pie

Our most delicate puff pastry, called “feuilletage” in French, surrounds a most delicious filling of spinach and Bulgarian feta cheese, seasoned with gently sauteed onions and seasoned with fresh dill.

Mushroom Croustiant

Crimini mushrooms and leeks, slowly sautéed over a low flame and seasoned with herbs, is the filling for this small savory tart.

Gruyère Cheese Croissant

A larger version of our classic Montreal croissant, but rolled with a layer of delightful seasoned cheese filling, made from gruyere and semi-soft Burgundy cheeses, with extra gruyere melted on top.